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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Stupid Mistake !!

Hello guys..

so sad..
nak express pun susah. huhu..
i hate today very much
because kami bertiga Tak Datang Exam....!
dah study whole day..
tup tup pukul 5pm ade member inform
'kenapa tak datang exam??'
'eh? bukan esok ke paper accounting?'
firstly, kitorang ingat dorang ni just kidding..
Oh God
i'm LOL..
hahahahaha(evil laugh)
seriously i cant Believe.. hahaha
i cant believe because  my other  friends sitting exam and three of us at hostel.....

We are struggle for this paper to get A+..
and the result we are not attend for the exam..


three of us at financial accounting class with our lecturer

yang pelik bin ajaib,
all my classmate datang dan kami bertiga je yang tak datang.
Three of us didnt noticed about the date schedule.. 
dah la kami ni bukan kaki ponteng..
attendance kami  is full.
assignment selalu submit..

today is 16 may. i thought today is 15 may.. 
even though  yesterday i know the date is 15 may because that date is Palestine freedom. 

saya sendiri yang post kat wall facebook saya 15 may  yesterday abou Palestine freedom..  

Oh God, what going on?

stupid stupid stupid mistake...

moral of story  : dont over confident and alert toward date..
albert enstain said : people  who never made mistake they are never try anything new..


2 people give me StaR:

eyka said...

KEsiannya kau ..
Mcmne la kau blh x ingt doe ..
Ermm , kau sbr je la erk ..
Ptutnya mmbe2 kau kne call awal ..
Dah x nmpk kau tu hello2 la lain klie ..
Kau sbr erk

ruby sarip said...