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Saturday, May 5, 2012

How to Overcome Tension and stress

Assalamualaikum readers,, and good Morning
today i'm going share my tips how i'm overcome my tension and stress plus pressure toward my study..
especially when exam is coming tomorrow.. what i will do is
1.First play game..
Any game u like to play,
The game i used to play every time i'm getting tension is game online.; city ville, tetris, chess, reversi, sim city, zombie etc.. BUT when i'm  are lost, i will more tension and feel like want to announce third world war in newspaper!!..

2. Listen to the nasyeed song. 
yes. this is so true... i' prefer you to try this..When we are remember Allah SWT,  our soul will become peace. so easy. no need o play game.. the singer i'm prefer to choose for nasyeed is Maher zain, Sami yusuf, Raihan, UNIC, INTEAM(especially rabiatul adawiyyah :P) , 
actually my purpose of this entry want to share this video.. :)

k bye!

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