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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Something you used to know about ....

when i open my blog i feel like FREEDOM
yes, the reason is because the song is peaceful so i  have an  idea to update my blog..

Firstly Thanks To Allah.
About The Financial Accounting Paper Alhamdulillah three of us can sitting back that Paper  without repeat for the next Sem. Alhamdullilah.. Thank alot to Lecturer UniKL Miss Lily and Nik Katijah... ^_^.. 
its Bit Funny when i'm flasback that day.. 16 may, teachers Day, Also someone birthday. haha
That Day  me and si keding playing Game Tetris . we are compete  to get higher ranking for that game.. just want to release the tension.. While si panjang talking on phone with her 'friend'.. When we know we are miss  the Exam, our mood happy  is changed to VERY SAD.. Even look to the tetris Game i feeel like  want to kill the person who  create that Game.. Three of us so sad. Expect for nothing.. when we are  refer to the academic program, they told us we need to repeat that paper for next sem. we are feel like loser that time.. no smile, no laughing , no joking, and no mood ..
But, gladly, we have our best lecturer who was help us alot. nik kathijah :)... love u
ruby, si panjang, NIK KATHIJAH, si keding . hihi..
-the end- happy ending ^_^

Because of the this probelm, si keding need to pospone her flight to Sabah. Because she bought the ticket flight early and our 'special paper is unexpected date'.
so She is stuck at my Home Two weeks.hahaha
She is become my family member two weeks..
melayan kerenah adik adik ku yang active tu. :P

-end story of stuck at my home 2 weeks-

last friday my dad are went to Mecca. huhu
my parents always Go there .. cant wait my turn to go Mecca :)
so we are sending them to airport.

rest kejap. ramai org . tempat duduk full. duduk sini pon jadi la. hihi

i really want to go there . And follow them, 
i Hope i have are chance at this age to go there..
I was ask my dad To pray i can go there no matter what happen!!

ooohh God, i forgot to ask my dad to  Pray  For our Prime ministry Dato Najib  to be Good leader In  Malaysia and Be a Good Muslim. Also for his wife. So Malaysia Have a Perfect Leader. Actually yea, I like to know about current issue especially about  Politic, country... To me politic is Dirty. I hate politic. But I like to know their currents issue.. dont know why.. I hope my Dad Call me again  so i can ask him pray for Malaysia.. ^_^..

So many thing happnd.. 
I want to tell Everything but...
But i  think its a time i need to end my words. i will continue tomorrow.. 
bye ^_^

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