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Friday, May 4, 2012

expect for nothing

Today is friday.. 
the weather here quite good..
but my mood are not good 
Sometimes i angry on my self.
every decision i made is worse.
i learn form it, but i take it easy as ABC.
when  the same  MISTAKE  repeat again i will regret it very badly.
to make my feel going good i will say albert enstain quotes "every one who are never did mistake they are never try anything new".... this word i alwys used to avoid me feeling worse toward myself  even though  i made the same mistake.. albert eistain thanks for this quote ! its inspiring me alot!

seem like i lost in somewhere,
dont know who i'm I,
who i'm I???

ohh come on ruby, exam are near. 
i dint start anything to study,
dont know which to start first,
My problem is always hunting me..
dont know who i need to blame because i know all its start by me.. and i'm suppose to blame my self. not other. 

i dint expect to fail
i expect for success. I dint expect to be loser like this, 
I always expect to be winner like in the game..
Life is not Game, But I wish its could be game, 
i can save it when its happy moment, then when i regret i will open back to the last part that i saved. 
why my life so tough huh?

why huh?

bad voice is come from somewhere : because you are so selfish ! k bye!

=.=' fine.....

2 people give me StaR:

famen said...

chhilla ruby..u can do it.. :)

ruby sarip said...

thanks pamen :)