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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Lego Malaysia

Box 1 :  RM13.60
Race Car Lego

Box 2 : RM13.60
Star Warior Lego

Box 3 : RM13.60

Box 4: tip tp lorry

Box 5 RM13.60
Mini Truck

Box 6: RM13.60

Lego Malaysia  6 Box only  RM50!
Postage Pos Laju add RM6
Sabah and sarawak RM10
self pick up, Rawang, Kuala Lumpur, Bangi

Lego : Box 1
Lego:Box 1

Lego Box 2

Helicopter Lego Box 3

Lego box 4

Lego Box 5

Lego box 6

Lego paling murah di pasaran..
dari jenama bestari pro (brand from malaysia)

Intelligence toy bricks

 why need to purchase lego?
 lego ini membantu si kecil untuk berfikir di awal usia dengan membantu sel sel otak bersambung menjadi active.dengan pendekatan inilah si kecil mula berfikir..for age 6 years above only

 box 1- race car lego
 box 2- star warrior lego
 box 3- advance navvy lego
 box 4- tip lorry lego
 box 5- Mini Truck lego
 box 6- helipcopter lego

 free 1 bag box green color untuk menyimpan 6 kotak tersebut.

 You can build more of your own imaginative toys!

Setiap kotak RM13.60

Pembelian set iaitu 6 kotak RM50 only..
JIMAT RM31.60!

 Postage poalaju RM6 semenanjung
 RM10 sabah n serawak

 self pick up area kuala lumpur, kajang, bangi, rawang

and Hidayat Bestari SDN BHD

for serious buyer only

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Something you used to know about ....

when i open my blog i feel like FREEDOM
yes, the reason is because the song is peaceful so i  have an  idea to update my blog..

Firstly Thanks To Allah.
About The Financial Accounting Paper Alhamdulillah three of us can sitting back that Paper  without repeat for the next Sem. Alhamdullilah.. Thank alot to Lecturer UniKL Miss Lily and Nik Katijah... ^_^.. 
its Bit Funny when i'm flasback that day.. 16 may, teachers Day, Also someone birthday. haha
That Day  me and si keding playing Game Tetris . we are compete  to get higher ranking for that game.. just want to release the tension.. While si panjang talking on phone with her 'friend'.. When we know we are miss  the Exam, our mood happy  is changed to VERY SAD.. Even look to the tetris Game i feeel like  want to kill the person who  create that Game.. Three of us so sad. Expect for nothing.. when we are  refer to the academic program, they told us we need to repeat that paper for next sem. we are feel like loser that time.. no smile, no laughing , no joking, and no mood ..
But, gladly, we have our best lecturer who was help us alot. nik kathijah :)... love u
ruby, si panjang, NIK KATHIJAH, si keding . hihi..
-the end- happy ending ^_^

Because of the this probelm, si keding need to pospone her flight to Sabah. Because she bought the ticket flight early and our 'special paper is unexpected date'.
so She is stuck at my Home Two weeks.hahaha
She is become my family member two weeks..
melayan kerenah adik adik ku yang active tu. :P

-end story of stuck at my home 2 weeks-

last friday my dad are went to Mecca. huhu
my parents always Go there .. cant wait my turn to go Mecca :)
so we are sending them to airport.

rest kejap. ramai org . tempat duduk full. duduk sini pon jadi la. hihi

i really want to go there . And follow them, 
i Hope i have are chance at this age to go there..
I was ask my dad To pray i can go there no matter what happen!!

ooohh God, i forgot to ask my dad to  Pray  For our Prime ministry Dato Najib  to be Good leader In  Malaysia and Be a Good Muslim. Also for his wife. So Malaysia Have a Perfect Leader. Actually yea, I like to know about current issue especially about  Politic, country... To me politic is Dirty. I hate politic. But I like to know their currents issue.. dont know why.. I hope my Dad Call me again  so i can ask him pray for Malaysia.. ^_^..

So many thing happnd.. 
I want to tell Everything but...
But i  think its a time i need to end my words. i will continue tomorrow.. 
bye ^_^

Thursday, May 17, 2012

fade up.. committed suicide

sometimes when we are feeling worse, we hope our life is end now..
There are no reason to still alive..
i'm understand  to whom committed suicide..
they are wish not facing with people...
Because in their eyes penuh penyesalan
but i'm never think to committed suicide.. 
Daripada aku bunuh diri better aku pergi cari jodoh aku, then, tak payah study. jadi isteri orang full time. kan senang! >_<

aku ni memang malang kowt....
dan sentiasa malang..
takkan berhenti henti malang..
aku tak tahu ape masalah nya..
I always Believe Allah is always beside me, BUT 
i'm feeling very worse and sad damn much right now...
kalau lah my parents tahu aku tak datang Exam. hmmmmmm
terus aku terjun bangunan kat KLCC..(ohh plzz ruby, ko tak kawin lagi) 
really  i cant face them..

lecturer kitorang nik khatidjah nak tolong  kitorang..
sebab kitorang selalu ok dalam class. quiz pon selalu dapat markah tinggi..
class tak pernah miss, asignment selalu hantar..
record bersih..
she is so kind lecturer. love u!
die cakap die sedang buat paper work untuk kitorang supaya  kami dapat ambil exam balik..

yang buat saya feeling very down bila kitorang jumpa dengan penasihat akedemik tadi.
die cakap kitorang kena repeat paper tu sem depan....
punya la sakit bila dengar ayat tu... 
yesss, repeat paper..

so sad!
then we call our lecturer . she is promise to help us..
guys please pray for us...
 tomorrow is last paper. really i cant concentrate tomorrow paper..
financial accounting is hunting me.. Y_Y 

Stupid Mistake !!

Hello guys..

so sad..
nak express pun susah. huhu..
i hate today very much
because kami bertiga Tak Datang Exam....!
dah study whole day..
tup tup pukul 5pm ade member inform
'kenapa tak datang exam??'
'eh? bukan esok ke paper accounting?'
firstly, kitorang ingat dorang ni just kidding..
Oh God
i'm LOL..
hahahahaha(evil laugh)
seriously i cant Believe.. hahaha
i cant believe because  my other  friends sitting exam and three of us at hostel.....

We are struggle for this paper to get A+..
and the result we are not attend for the exam..


three of us at financial accounting class with our lecturer

yang pelik bin ajaib,
all my classmate datang dan kami bertiga je yang tak datang.
Three of us didnt noticed about the date schedule.. 
dah la kami ni bukan kaki ponteng..
attendance kami  is full.
assignment selalu submit..

today is 16 may. i thought today is 15 may.. 
even though  yesterday i know the date is 15 may because that date is Palestine freedom. 

saya sendiri yang post kat wall facebook saya 15 may  yesterday abou Palestine freedom..  

Oh God, what going on?

stupid stupid stupid mistake...

moral of story  : dont over confident and alert toward date..
albert enstain said : people  who never made mistake they are never try anything new..


Saturday, May 5, 2012

How to Overcome Tension and stress

Assalamualaikum readers,, and good Morning
today i'm going share my tips how i'm overcome my tension and stress plus pressure toward my study..
especially when exam is coming tomorrow.. what i will do is
1.First play game..
Any game u like to play,
The game i used to play every time i'm getting tension is game online.; city ville, tetris, chess, reversi, sim city, zombie etc.. BUT when i'm  are lost, i will more tension and feel like want to announce third world war in newspaper!!..

2. Listen to the nasyeed song. 
yes. this is so true... i' prefer you to try this..When we are remember Allah SWT,  our soul will become peace. so easy. no need o play game.. the singer i'm prefer to choose for nasyeed is Maher zain, Sami yusuf, Raihan, UNIC, INTEAM(especially rabiatul adawiyyah :P) , 
actually my purpose of this entry want to share this video.. :)

k bye!

Friday, May 4, 2012

expect for nothing

Today is friday.. 
the weather here quite good..
but my mood are not good 
Sometimes i angry on my self.
every decision i made is worse.
i learn form it, but i take it easy as ABC.
when  the same  MISTAKE  repeat again i will regret it very badly.
to make my feel going good i will say albert enstain quotes "every one who are never did mistake they are never try anything new".... this word i alwys used to avoid me feeling worse toward myself  even though  i made the same mistake.. albert eistain thanks for this quote ! its inspiring me alot!

seem like i lost in somewhere,
dont know who i'm I,
who i'm I???

ohh come on ruby, exam are near. 
i dint start anything to study,
dont know which to start first,
My problem is always hunting me..
dont know who i need to blame because i know all its start by me.. and i'm suppose to blame my self. not other. 

i dint expect to fail
i expect for success. I dint expect to be loser like this, 
I always expect to be winner like in the game..
Life is not Game, But I wish its could be game, 
i can save it when its happy moment, then when i regret i will open back to the last part that i saved. 
why my life so tough huh?

why huh?

bad voice is come from somewhere : because you are so selfish ! k bye!

=.=' fine.....

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Bersih -> Nayati dijumpai -> Bob Kuman Meninggal Dunia..


Macam macam yang berlaku baru baru ni kan...
Semua memang Gempak2.
Dan semuanya berlaku disekitar  ku.. >_<

First first Perhimpunan Bersih.

macam macam cerita tersebar..
Dan ade juga nyawa yang hilang.. hmmm
kat facebook plak macam2 status aku nampak berikutan dengan himpunan bersih.
Die bersalah, die memfitnah, Die jahat,.. tak habis habis..
Semua nak menegakkan benang yang basah. motif? DEMI RAKYAT.. KEAMANAN. 

kalau nak dunia aman satu je cara dengan BERSATU... jangan jadi batu api, kaki fitnah, etc
Cuba kalau semua parti politik BERSATU? itu baru lah keamanan.. Tidak menyusahkan Rakyat..
Lagipun kat dunia ni hanya temporary bukan kita hidup selama lamanya..
Menghabiskan hidup untuk mengejar sesuatu . di akhir hidup apa yang dapat?
i'm specchless about this.. 
bak kata matlufthi 'Jiwa Kosong is better
  daripada jiwa di isi dengan bullshit politic' totally agree! <---listening Kosong song

Secondly, Nayati Dijumpai..
alhamduliiah. nie berita yang menggembirankan rakyat Malaysia
tumpang gembira bila seorang bidak lelaki telah dijumpai sebab before this jarang sekali kes culik  budak  tu  akan dijumpai.. 
Ingat tak poster yang ditampal merata rata seorang budak comel lelaki berumur 12 tahun telah diculik sejak 27 April lalu di hadapan Mount Kiara International School oleh van putih ?? itulah dia   nayati   yang telah  dijumpai di Rawang pada pukul 7.55 pagi hari ini..
Depan sekolah pun boleh kena culik.. adoyhai..
macam macam..
nie picture die pada hari dijumpai

credit to sinar 
with his friends

setelah berjumpa dengan family :)

Lastly  Bob Kuman Meninggal Dunia.. 

yang nie memang mengempakkan sebab baru baru ni ada  tersebar tentang bob kuman tidak ada duit untuk membiayai  kos perubatanya dan ada rancangan khas untuk menderma Bob kuman untuk membiayai penyakitnya yang kronic selepas terjatuh semesa pengembaraan jangan pandang belakang conkak. Kakitangan ambulan Hospital Sungai Buloh Buloh mengesahkan Bob Kuman meninggal dunia pada jam 4.38 petang tadi di rumahnya di Kota Damansara. Kematian Bob Kuman (nama sebenarnya Husni Mohd Rawi) juga telah disahkan oleh Pemangku Timbalan presiden Seniman, Zed Zaidi. Takziah Buat keluarga Bob Kuman...

credit ti berita semasa

semoga apa yang berlaku ni kita ambil pengajaran. Buang yang keruh dan ambil yang jernih..
Nobody is perfect . Setiap orang akan pernah melakukan kesalahan :)..
setuju tak?