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Friday, November 18, 2011

CEO facebook Mark Zuckerberg convert to islam and change name to mark abu bakar

assalamualaikum  to all readers ^_^

haaah?? CEO facebook convert to islam? Mark Abu Bakar? oh!

I'm so surprise when i saw from my updated's friend from facebook, CEO Facebook was  convert to islam and change his name to Mark Abu Bakar.  and its so interesting and i have idea to update my blog after get award as heroin Aku Cinta Dia Bukan Kamu  .=,='

ok straight  to the point.huhu

unofficial source from facebook :

Mark Abu-bakar said:

I’ve been wanting to convert since a very long time. Yesterday, when we finally decided to shut down Facebook for 24 hours in October, i took some time out to think about what actually defines my life. I came to the conclusion that if there’s no Facebook, there’s no Mark Zuckerberg. That’s when it hit me. I was lucky that someone on Facebook had a web app for online conversion, so i went forward with it. Yes, its true. The app also posted a notification on my wall, you can check it out. May the lord be with you.

True or not?
Weird! weird! weird!
1. i'm using facebook every single day. and i  never facing  facebook is shut down or off etc. 2 october 2011?? so this statement is not true

2.And CLICK HERE.the main source of this statement was updated 1 april <---april fool day. huh!
weird right?

and another statement is

source : hitechanalogy

if the statement is true , that is a good news. and i like it most
if it just for fool us to celebrate april fool day, u are reallyy =,='
i really hate april fool day, 


p/s. pasni ni nak join segmen blogger paling popular  by hero(fixx)  aku cinta di bukan kamu..thanx kak biqa!. .  

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BiQa HatmiN said...

sesame street..hahaha... ok2 bila masa plak mark ni tukar agama? haha kene selongkar lagi nih..zasssssss

ruby sarip said...