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Saturday, May 21, 2011

My happy day after meet my best friend

last night i cant slept well.. i just sleep 2 hours.. i open my lappy and shutdown then open back, again i'm shutdown..then open,  close,  open ,close..hmm look like i'm going crazy that time.. then i opened all my pic at college and lot of memories with jamilah , najiha, and hapisah... miss them that time.... huhu..

Today is Saturday.. and so surprising is jamilah call me , she is near with my house.. then i wake up immediately then go to bicycle shop near petronas to setting my bicycle to meet her.. unfortunately, the shop is closed.. huhu T_T....
i ride my  bicycle from my home to meet her.. with my little the end   i meet someone that i miss so much....(happy ending)hehe.haha
this is me  and jaa at medan selera taman tun teje..(my new spec) hehe...

after that we go back to bicycle shop to setting bicycle but the shop is still closing..whatever.. then we  stop at somewhere and took some picture  at Taman Bersatu near with petronas.. its nice place.. i wish i can take many picture with someone i love here..
my picture riding bicycle and my little brother.. 

today is nice day.. thanx jaa ^_^

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Anonymous said...


Friends are the secret of your happiness in life

Nice theme


ruby star said...

hehe. than ya