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Monday, May 9, 2011

Meaning Of Love


What is Love?
Love is unconditionally.. That mean you love the person exactly as they were before and exactly as they will be in future and whoever they will changed. Because people always change all the time...

True Love Is Unconditionally..

In case you love someone because beautiful, handsome, rich, clever, telented, Kind, polite, decent, creative, awesome, high profile  etc, that is not love 
guys! you are confusing between love and admire..
the fact is admire is not love..  admire just for are while  and love is forever..

Love is deep emotional enjoyment for each other , caring ,smiling, body language, and treating other well etc..

To me, Love is Game Of Emotional..
Who know much rules for this game,
They will become The winner..

Love is not wonderful like in 'Love Story',
because i like watch love story.. tears, romantic, the hero is perfect, same with heroin.. prince of  kingdom is come and save princess and life happy forever, 
all impossible things in real life is become possible because 'power of love', LOL.. its funny. That is miracle of love ,,, especially hindustan movie, in the end is same,, hero and heroine life happily forever and etc ,
But the realilty is not same. maybe it will never happen in real life and its not lasting forever because people change all the time.. so dont getting confuse.. 

sometimes Love will become cruel to people,
sometimes Love will changed people,
sometimes Love can control people,
sometimes Love can make people blind all the time,
sometimes love will make people going crazy, etc
sometimes Love will be selfish

its up to you what is love will be..
That is 'Power of Love' hmmm (-,-'')
what is LOVE for you?

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shihab said...

bla bla bla,,,,,,,,,?

ruby star said...

hahaha.. there r no meaning for bla bla bla..

Anonymous said...

woa.. that right.. people always change.. hope u meet someone who never change his mind and love u forever.. good luck

Pendamba Mawar said...

love is.....


We come to love not by finding a perfect person, but by learning to see an imperfect person perfectly.

that is love