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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Adam and Eve story is my inspiration

Adam is the first human created by God, and eve is a first woman was created by god for company adam who are lonely and need someone to share his life . God took a rib from Adam's side and made a woman(eve). Adam and Eve life happily and comfortably in heaven before their ate forbidden fruits..

Because of their mistake, god sent both of them to world.
both of them was sent at different place, Adam at India, and eve at Iraq . They are life lonely, and sadness because they separate 200 years and finally meet at jabal rahmah at Arab. Each step done by them for 200 years is mean to meet each other.. Because they r made for each other....

This story inspiring me 

.Every people made a mistake. People regretted after did a mistake.  they are need a chance to correct their mistake..

  The person who are made for me maybe is waiting me...Maybe i cant wait for my adam 200 years,, but i will wait as long as i can breath in this world as human. I hope he is waiting me as i waiting for him..
and each step done by me are means to meet with him :)

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