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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

History about chess

The origin  Chess game   is from india.. and its spread to persia( Iran) .. When Arab conquered persia, chess was taken up by the muslim world and subsequently spread to Southern europe.. The game of chess we know in America, started out in India, went to Persia (now Iran) and then made its way to Spain, and spread throughout Europe. By 1400 AD the rules of chess were well established across Europe. There are very few differences between the rules established in 1400 and the rules chess players use today.

The terms of chess and checkmate is from persia(Iran).
checkmate meaning the King is defeat. 

What Is Chess?

Chess is a game strategy and tactic.. Chess is not game for speed. Take your time when deciding what move to make. there are lot of pieces to watch out for. Always have a plan to attack. Know what each of your  pieces worth. Do your best to control the middle of the board . and the most importantly keep ur king safe..

Important player in Chess


He is garry kasparov. The one  best chess player in the world.. He is my model also. He was ranked number one almost continuously from 1986 until his retirement in 2005.. He is from Russian.

He is Vishy Anand from India.He then successfully defended his title in the World Chess Championship 2010 against     Veselin Topalov.

3. He is Anatoly karpov. He was World Champion from 1975-1985. Karpov learned the game at age 4, and joined Botvinnik’s prestigious chess school aged 12 and by 15 years old  was a Soviet National Master. He is from russian. 

4.He is Paul Morphy from USA . 

5.  He is Emmanuel Lasker (1868-1941), World Chess Champion (1894-1921). He is from german.

6.He is Wilhelm Steinitz . Wilhelm Steinitz spent 8 years as the reigning World Champion (1886-1894). He is from Austria. 

7. He is  Jose Capablanca from Cuba. Jose Capablanca was World Champion from 1921-1927. He was also the undisputed master of Blitz Chess.

8.He is  Bobby Fischer from USA. He is begining at age 14 years old and win won 8 US Championships. When he is 15 years old, Bobby fisher become Grandmaster ( the youngest grandmaster) and also The youngest candidate for the World Championship. 

9. He is Alexander Alekhine from RussiaAlexander Alekhine won his first World Championship by defeating the legendary Jose Capablanca in 1927. At the age of 16, he was already one of Russia’s strongest players and by age 22 was considered one of the strongest players in the world. 

10. He is Mikhail Botvinnik from Russia. A lifelong Communist, Mikhail Botvinnik held the World Championship on and off for 15 years, from 1948 to 1963 when he was eventually defeated. Working as an electrical engineer at the same time, he was one of the very few famous chess players who achieved distinction in another career while playing top-class competitive chess.

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