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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The real Love Story

Since sem break holiday, i'm staying at home..
hmmm, 90% is fun at all, and 10 % boring damn much..

Well, because 10%  just happened today me and my little sister become best friend..
yea best friends with kids is fun!!.. 
just play and see them  play a doll and create their own  love story with barbie.. hmmm its  remind me abt my
 childhood time
yes barbie!!
anyone here love barbie can join us.. but make sure u have barbie collection too ;)... hihi <-- my new hobby

when i'm flashback my childhood time how i define love is so different compare than now..
yea, Big Different..
Did u ever read snow white story? Cinderella?  and other fairy tale story?
Those story give all girl keep dreaming for their future life.. 
Because they was save in their mind ' One day there will have one handsome prince come and love me like cinderella' euuuu..
Wake up girls!  

 my calculation say .the  total prince in this world is only 1%.. 1 over 100.. yea.. The girl who dream to get this 1% guys is 90%. and the rest maybe she didnt read fairytale story .. 
well, when this 90% matured and realize they will never found this 1% and stop dreaming and search for 99%..
99% is out of fairy tale story.... and with this  99% is  real love story.. !

frankly, That story not available now Because heroin and hero suppose have facebook account ,linkedin, skype, msn, friendster, plus twitter, myspace, blog, yearbook, orkut,  yahoo massenger, tagged, wat else.. any social website.. When break up. they will compete to block  and remove each other 

The Real love story is 
Hero and heroin adding each other on facebook.. 
When misunderstand  abt something then updated on status  '!@#$%^&#$%^&*("
When totaly in love update status <3<3<3
When she or he not reply on inbox .. hmm :( forever alone~~

When u see she/him come online u wish  he/she  give u greeting first . if she or him didn't
there are two possibly why he dint give a greeting
positive thinking
'ohh she/he is busy talking with someone else '(offline immediately )  Forever Alone~~~ :(
negative    Thinking
'ohhh, he/she talking with other girl/boy! fine! we are over! '(block from fb)

Real love u are playing with heart and emotion.. its a big deal because sometimes we cant control our self  because emotion is control us.. seriously... well my friend told me this.. hehe

well. this is the real Love story.. 
fairy tale story does not exist... 
ok??  Because long time ago there are no phone and internet so that y is not relevant now :P
Technology make people can communicate faster than before.. all in the finger touch.. no need used  magic to send magic, knight, etc...

hmmm. this is how i'm define real love story. :)
good night!

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piko pink said...

nk join maen barbie boley??:P

ruby sarip said...

ya. sure. but make sure ade collection barbie dulu :D

famen said...

asl ruby..mood tgh cri prince ker..

ruby sarip said...

xde mase aku nak cari prince .-,-'