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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

My eyes are red! help me!

I heard somewhere . people who are not enough sleep they will  commit a crime.
and now  i'm not ENOUGH sleep for 2 day!
conclusion : I'm not enough sleep and i will commit  a  crime.. 
errr -,-'

hmmmmm =,=' <--- jangan risau. saya penduduk yang mencintai undang  undang dan benci kepada perlaku jenayah

this 2 days my eyes very tired and become red. The problem is i'm use contact lens even though my eyes very tired and tired. my eyes begging to me to sleep and keep rest  but i ignore because there are so many assignment not complete.  as the student who are very lazy and love do the assignment last minute I ignore my health especially my eyes.  
because i have 11 day sem break holiday and lecturer give us too many asignment! cis!
i'm postponed  until class start !  Y_Y
mata merah. lepas makan mcD set promosi :D.. (xde kena mengena pon!)

as the result my eyes is red!.. and now i worry about my eyes. huhuhu
anyone here know why my eyes are red?
how to overcome.. T_T

takut dowh mata kena jangkitan. please pray for me :(

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Mimi Suke Cupcakee said...

sy pun sakit mata gak..huhu

ruby sarip said...


Zonkers said...

ko ke yg diorng ckp ruby-bodoh kt blogserius tu ek? curious plak.