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Sunday, June 12, 2011

-love calculator- Just for fun ok..

like everyday, my sister and me nothing to do at home, Schoo?
yeah, so we were trying  this aplication
'love calculator' haha,
 of course we are try it first  with someone!
unfortunately mostly of us got 20% below.. :'( 
cant believe,, this is not true.......................:'(
then i want to prove this is not true, i tried my mom and my dad because  they are married
my dad and my mom got 95%

its wrote they are 'made for each other'!
i wonder either this is true or not.. 

after that

i'm not satisfy, i tried again using  my grandparents name, rafeah and othman
they got 85%..

 'love pair of lovebirds and dont forget to share love..''
after that.......
 i'm still not satisfy,,! i try my auntie and uncle name..
the result is 


*conclusion is, this is for fun! yeay!
if u want try this aplication click below.. ^_^

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